Life in Hawaii 

it’s crazy thinking about how the end of this month (30th) will mark 3 years that I’ve been living in Hawaii.

I came here with no expectations really. Everyone told me that living here would be like being on vacation everyday….not really. Lol. I haven’t adapted the Hawaiian lif early whatever that may be. I actually find myself having what they call “island fever.” Sort of like cabin fever, but the fact that I am stuck here on this island and the only way to leave is by airplane. Don’t get me wrong not is beautiful here, the ocean is so blue and the water is warm pretty much all year round. 

I think we’ve come to realize that we’re not city folk. We like the country, so every time we go up to the north shore for staycations it’s really hard for us to come back to the city life. Also since Honolulu is the capital I feel that it’s the most popular place for tourists. 

We’ve been in our own 1 bedroom apartment for a year and 3 months. It’s been nice not having to deal with roommates and our neighbors are a lot better than other last place. Although they do get loud sometimes.  Our goal is to maybe/possibly move up to the east side by the end of the year! It will be a lot quieter, and closer to the places we like to visit, i.e. the north shore! We might get a car since nick is still in school and he will need one to drive back and forth. 

It’s really hard surviving here. Groceries are super expensive and the cost of living is ridiculous. So you better have a somewhat decent paying job. Luckily for both of us we manage. However living paycheck to paycheck is getting a little old. 

All in all I know I have my gripes about living here but I came here to be with my soulmate so I can put everything else aside and make it work! 


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