to live and die in L.A.

yes this post is inspired by the 2Pac song 🙂 but its also because I am 100% a california girl….Los Angeles born, and San Diego raised.

I love everything about california, and feel proud to say that i am from there. I want this post [hopefully a series] to be an homage to Los Angeles.

I want to expose the glamour, the crazy, the vintage, the heartache and heartbreak, all of which make the city of angels what it is.

to some people its where they discover themselves, to me its home. both my mom and dads side are from LA, specifically: Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Torrance….where I was born! My family and i spend our summer vacations and other holidays there with our family. Even though most of the family has moved away i can still see the houses of my grandparents and remember riding our bikes around the streets, and walking to the nearby parks.

i want to post pictures that show all the sides of LA.

i hope you enjoy the series!



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