The Beginning

just an excerpt from (and only what i have written so far) the most epic story of my life.

chapter 1: how we met

weds, September 21st, 2011
today was just like any other day. she woke up in the late morning, early afternoon. did not much of anything till it was time to go work. a few weeks before her roommmate told her that a friend was gonna come stay with them. he used to live in az, and work at sprouts, now he lives in oahu was in town on some business things. “ok, yeah thats cool” she said. today was that day, but by the time she had gotten home from work she had completely forgotten about it. hours later her roommate called her to ask her to go open up the gate so they could all drive in. not knowing what to really expect she played it cool and kept to herself and continued with her nightly surfing of the internet. they all walked in and her roommate was really drunk….not surprising. this guy introduced himself as nick. “hi nick, im ali,” she said, and she went along with her business. her roommate asa started to get all silly and crazy with her boyfriend neil, so naturally they called it a night and went into her room. so her she was left alone with this guy..nick whom she didnt even know. she didnt know what was gonna happen. “was he gonna talk to me?” she wondered. she noticed him kind of sitting on this chair across the room. but then he got up and walked over to her and asked “could you give me directions to this place?” of course she couldnt say no. she wouldnt have said no. “sure, whats the address she said.” he gave her the address to the phoenix municipal court. millions of things were wandering around in her brain, but she didnt feel comfortable enough to ask why he was going there. but she didnt have to because he explained that it was something with a previous job and that is his whole reason for being back out here in az. he told her how a few days ago one of his best friends got married in coronado in cali. she told him how she was from san diego. naturally the convo decided to just go in that direction. now she knew that nothing would prob happen. she was in some weird kind of relationship….if you could even call it a relationship. not really it wasnt anything but she kind of did like the guy. but here in her living room was this super attractive, funny, interesting guy and she was intrigued. they started talking about everything. he told her how when he was in san diego he stopped by this monastary and he got out his camera to show her the pics of it along with some pics from hawaii of an adventure he had had with bike and getting locked out of a park or something. he seemed a little tipsy but she didnt care. she was enjoying his company. as he was showing her the pics of the wedding, and then the monastary she asked him if it was “deer park monastary in escondido.” “yes” he said. right then and there she knew something had to have been up. he had literally been 5 mins from her house, and as she told him that, it baffled him. as the night went on…and roommate and boyfriend were in her room doing god only knows what they got into talking about movies and tv shows. and she brought up tim and eric and the room and of course he just happened to know and love them. no one in the entire world unless your a super nerd(which she would admit she is) or just into weird things knows about tim and eric or the room. so now she was even more inrigued. they stood in the kitchen going on and on about that as well as some other things too. then for some reason or another he decided to hit her with a pillow. catching her off guard she turned and looked at him and exclaimed “did you just hit me with a pillow?!” “yes” he said as he took another swipe at her. totally not knowing what to say or do she grabbed a pillow from his makeshift bed that asa had set up for him and decided to fight back and defend herself. never had she done anything like this ever before in her life, but she didnt hate it! in fact she loved it! so again she questioned “who is this guy?!” the tone had changed and she really wanted to know more. the pillow fighting went on for maybe an hour. and then it turned into jeet koon do and her telling him she could punch him and him telling her to do so, but she knew she didnt want to hurt him. she did like where this was going and in the back of her mind she wanted to see how far it would go. after hours of doing this asa never had woken up. she thought for sure she was gonna come out of her room and at least ask for them to shut the hell up or something. he also did have to be up in a few hours but its like they couldnt/didnt want to stop. she had never had this much fun in a long time and she liked it. there were moments when he would randomly pick her up by her waist and spin her around in the air and then throw her down somewhat gently on his bed. when he did it the first time she was surprised but then she liked it and thought to herself “what can i do to get him to keep doing that without it being obvious that i liked it.” but sure enough he did it a couple more times. then they realized the he definitely needed to go to sleep and she was getting tired so they went their separate directions, and the thing in her mind was that she hoped she hadnt kept him up to late and she didnt want him to be late for his appt. but she did have a great time. not knowing what was gonna happen that day when they saw each other un normal light and time made her curious but she desperately wanted to know.


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