and I love him…

I feel like no matter how many times my boyfriend and I have horrible arguments where we throw things, he storms out, and tensions are high I still love. Even when I threaten to move back home and he threatens to leave me, I still want to be with him and will fight for us to get better! I’ve only known him for 5 years, but I refuse to believe that he was brought into my life for no reason.  Why are relationships so hard. Especially the good ones. I feel like they are the hardest to work at. The crappy ones are easy to put aside and not care.

I am not the easiest person to deal with sometimes. I have a short fuse, I say things I don’t mean, I say mean things, I get over things too easy (why can be good and bad) and I have anger issues. Yet through all of that he still loves me. Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve a man this wonderful in my life. However I am blessed and I will always be thankful we met and are in each other’s lives!


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